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The date has been set and the planning has begun.  A wedding is a wonderful motivator to improve your fitness and physique.  Looking your best on your wedding day is always the goal and fitness training can be a big part of that.

So where do you start?  Start by defining your goals. Be specific, make the goals measurable, achievable and realistic and most importantly set dates for completing those goals.  Plan your target dates to fall early of the ‘Big Day’ and rope in a partner to join you in your quest if possible.  This could very well fall under the ‘duties for the Maid of Honour’ job description or be something both the bride and groom do together. 

Honeymoons are quite often beach destinations and having a bathing suit ready body is a usual request.  Other goals commonly requested include: weight loss, increased arm definition, improved posture and a six pack torso.  All of these goals are actually related.  If we drop body fat percentage then increased definition comes with it and improving postural strength always focuses on the muscles that make up the ‘six pack’. 

As a trainer, the ‘realistic’ part of the goal is critical.  Do you have enough time to achieve the goals and what are the barriers for each client.  Weight loss requires lifestyle change.  Lifestyle change should be done over a long period of time if it is to be permanently successful.  One year is ideal but 6 months is possible.  After listing your goals also make a list of possible barriers and come up with solutions for these barriers if you can.  Here is an example.  Barrier: Working late can prevent you from attending your fitness class.  Solution:  Workout in the morning prior to work and then have no regrets for the rest of the day.

Too much too soon can doom people to fail.  Try one goal at a time.  For example, reduce the sugar intake in your diet.  Complete a daily food log and have someone review it and zero in on your usual sugar sources.  Cut those sources by 50% and have a verbal agreement with the reviewer to do so.  Stick to your goal for 2 weeks and then review.  You can use a weight scale to track progress but I much prefer using girth measurements.  Far more motivating and a more accurate assessment of progress.

It takes 6-8 weeks for a training program to plateau if it is regularly performed.  Taking this into consideration,  you will need a 2-6 month lead in if you want solid results.  The key is to get going on your training as soon as possible.  This is a great opportunity to get assistance from a trainer.  You could work with them weekly or get a program and train on your own.  Whatever works for you is the right answer and it can be cost effective. 

Metabolic training is a great approach if weight loss, strength and definition are some of your goals. A 20/4 Day should be performed with minimal breaks to maintain your heart rate in or above your target zone. Here is a quick start for the bride to be:


Keep a daily workout and food journal.  Hold yourself accountable.  Every day reflect with a motivational quote. “It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.” anonymous Pick a daily mantra and repeat it at times of weakness.

What will you conquer today?    Start dreaming, set your fitness goals & conquer them. 

Kind regards, Tracie

Tracie is a master personal trainer, global fitness columnist, author, presenter and award winning entrepreneur.  Winner of the 2015 Women in Business Award and 2016 Kingston This Week, Bronze medal winner for best personal trainer!

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