One Arm Power Row

Start the outboard! Yup, you can train for this common summer activity.  Pull starting the outboard sounds easy but it is a complex movement.  A quick and powerful pull start that is stabilized through the legs and core is easier said then done and many a person has fallen over, strained their back or injured their shoulder doing so.


Part one is to learn how to stabilize legs and torso and the pull has its own set of training.  Here is an exercise that is designed specifically to target this chore.  The exercise can be performed on a universal pulley stack or with resistance tubing set at hip height.  Athletic clothing and shoes are suggested and both arms should be trained to maintain or create good body symmetry.


One Arm Power Row

  • Stand square to the wall in a split squat or lunge position with the handle in your right hand and your left foot forward
  • bend both knees and do a mini lunge
  • pelvic tilt, engage your obliques by pulling your ribs inward and down and draw your shoulder blades back and down
  • You should feel strong and stable in your stand and be looking forward, this is start position
  • maintaining your stability row your right arm back quickly
  • pull your arm past your torso keeping your shoulder blade down and neck relaxed, this is position 2
  • return to start position
  • count 1 as you row and 1,2,3,4 as return to start position
  • perform 25-30 repetitions and then repeat on the left side


This exercise can be paired nicely with a pushup or a bench press. Eg.  20 pushups, 25 rows each arm [3 sets].  Gravity is constantly pulling us forward and down and so upping your reps on the posterior side helps to build endurance & strength to maintain good posture.  Training for ‘push/pull’ is a critical element for every program but it is interesting to see how applicable the training can be to everyday function.  Be sure that you have solid footing prior to actually starting an engine and make sure there isn’t anyone behind you.  This is a beginner to intermediate exercise suitable for al ages.


I hope all the outboards start on the first pull ;]


What will you conquer in Summer 2016?    Set your fitness goals & conquer them!

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