Mid-year Fitness Trends Update

June is the perfect time to find out if the predicted trends are running true and identify any new surges in the fitness industry.  The two biggest fitness conferences in the world, IDEA World Conference [U.S.A.] and canfitpro World Conference [Canada], both run in August 2016 and they will headline the latest and greatest for fitness professionals to roll-out to clients and participants.  I will be there and can see where things are going.

In January 2016, I profiled the Top 10 trends as “trendy fitness tech, high intensity interval training [HIIT], body weight training and functional training.” In the last 6 months the volume of tech has tripled and specialized workouts of every kind have emerged.  Biofeedback is a great tool for personal trainers and the fitness tools that are currently saturating the tech industry are made for exactly that purpose.  These tools give us feedback on what is happening in or to our body.  They tell us what our heart rate, moving pace, cadence, split times, overall time, steps per day and/or numerous other details are instantaneously.  Trainers can use these devices to set specific targets giving clients good tangible goals to zero in on.  Check out these companies for the latest and greatest:  Polar, Garmin, Microsoft, Apple, Timex.

Unique workout classes have never been hotter.  Pole dancing classes based on a strip tease and emphasizing lifting, swinging and balancing poses are still seen in gyms and studios world wide.  Other trending workouts include Barre training [dance inspired], Animal Flow [animal based movement], Zumba & Zumba Step [Yes, dancing on a step.  Been there, done that],  Wave Shape [created for surfers and paddle board enthusiasts by Adam Rosante], Skipping classes, Boxing or Mixed martial arts/Cardio classes [Boxing/MMA training modified for mainline fitness in an interval format], Yoga running classes and military style team workout classes. 

Over the past few years hotels and resorts have evolved their services to enable fitness, health and wellness.  Hotels such as The Fairmount Group, Westin and others have clothing, equipment and locations [both on and off site] as resources for their clients.  You can travel, maintain your training and even work with a trainer.  Check amenities at 4 to 5 star locations for their ‘spin’ on wellness.   

Home gyms or designated workout areas are also a hot trend.  I support this initiative as it is a proven way to increase the probability of success. Convenience is key! I have a few suggestions for the basic requirements.  Suggested home gym essentials: yoga mat, dumbbells [5, 10, 15, 20 pounds], Bosu [Plyometric, stability and movement training], Step [bottom of a staircase works well], resistance tubing [light, moderate, heavy strength], full length mirror [closet mirror will do] and a chair or bench.  Voila!  With those tools, I can train any client at any level. There is also an array of new motion cardio training machines released for home use.  These new machines are designed to be low impact and challenge the body in different ways to previous equipment.  Examples include: Free Stride by Nordic Track and Adaptive Motion by Precor.

This year is shaping up to have plenty of options for fitness and there really is no excuse for not doing something. Challenge yourself and try something new, either by yourself or with a friend. Even if you are recovering from an injury, dealing with a chronic condition, have no time or funds to spend ….. there are always options.

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