Tips To Make Exercise A Priority

In the beautiful summer months, everything speeds up and gets busier. There are more social events, trips, activities, work, everything. With all this business, exercise is frequently forgotten about or set aside for when you have “more time”. So here are some tips to make sure that exercise stays a priority in your life. 

1. Register in a race. This can be anything from a 5 k, half marathon triathlon or an obstacle course run. Having something to train for really helps to make sure that you stick with your exercise program. 

2. Try something new. Pick an activity that you’ve never tried and push yourself to get better. This could be boxing, mountain biking, stand up paddle boarding – the options are endless. Trying something new will work new muscles and stimulate your enjoyment. 

3. Bring a friend. Whether its to your new activity or a race – its always more fun to workout and exercise with someone. Not only are you distracted and having fun – but it also holds you more accountable to your program and staying strong. 

4. Enjoy the healthy fresh food. Go to your local market on the weekend to get fresh produce and try some new recipes. 


Lastly – always make sure your having fun!

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