Do the Math

Getting a solid grounding on your health and wellness could cost as little as $5.71 per day.  You simply have to do the math.

Let’s take Joe.  Joe is a regular dude.  He works all day, has a couple of athletic kids, drinks a few beers a week and wants to stay fit for hockey night.  He buys 10 personal training sessions at a local studio for $400.00.  His trainer sets him up with two, 45 minute workouts per week to get the ball really rolling.  Joe loves it.  He leaves every workout feeling weak, but strong.  He starts to see progress in his endurance on the ice.  He chirps his kids about how many push ups he can do in a minute.  All awesome stuff.  Sounds easy.  Yet most people do not make this commitment.  The highlight in this paragraph for most is the $400.00 invoice.  That’s a lot of money.  But let’s do the math…

Each hour of training costs $40.00.  Joe trains twice per week for 45 minutes each, which total 1.5 hours of training per week.  At this rate, his $400.00 will last 6.66 weeks.  Joe is spending $60.00/week on personal training or $8.58 per day to change his life.

Now, Joe starts doing ‘homework.’  He runs once per week and adds in some chin ups, push ups and squat jumps at the park on his route.  He stretches and rolls out after runs and hockey, and he still comes to the studio for 1 hour, 1/week for a thorough fitness delivery.  His next $400.00 would last 10 weeks which brings his weekly cost for personal health and fitness to $40.00 or $5.71 per day.  Now we are talking about less than the cost of my soy milk chai latte per day (I can’t have high doses of dairy, what can I say??). 

It is interesting to file down the numbers this way.  It doesn’t make that $400.00 payment any less expensive, but it does spread it out over the long term, which is what any good training program should do with your health improvements.  With repeated exercise, the body adapts and becomes healthier all day, every day, even while you sleep. You can choose what you get out of each session by choosing what you put in. By asking your trainer questions and applying the knowledge to your daily life you can make the most out of your purchase.

Do the math.

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