Travel Friendly Tabata Workout

Several people plan their vacations to escape our Canadian winter and retreat to warmer weather. It may be tempting while away to just relax on the beach with a drink in your hand, however, it is very important to keep up your exercise level.

Try this quick workout that can easily be done in your hotel room or on the beach with no equipment required! Perform this in a tabata format – 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest and repeat 8 times. Remember to start with a 5-10 minute warm up.

Travel Tabata Workout

  1. Skipping – If you have a rope, use it. But if not, mimic the skipping technique (including the arm circles). Try to push yourself to get as many skips as possible in each 20 second segment.
  2. Squat Jumps – Stand with feet shoulder width apart, squat down as if completing a regular squat. Engage your core and then jump into the air as high as possible, landing back in the squat position. *Make sure to walk around between work sets on this one – the legs will be burning.
  3. Split Jumps – Get into a lunge position, engage the core and then extend through both legs, jumping as high as possible. While in the air, switch legs so you have the back leg now as the forward leg in the lunge.
  4. Push-Ups with Mountain Climbers – Complete 1 push-up followed by 6 quick mountain climbers. Ensure proper spinal alignment on this one!
  5. Burpee’s – Starting in plank position, complete one push up. Then jump, or walk, your feet to outside of your placed hands. From a deep squat position, complete a vertical jump and land back in the deep squat. Place hands on the ground inside the legs and then jump or walk your feet back to plank position. *To change this exercise up – Use a dumbbell or kettlebell to complete a squat and overhead press instead of completing a vertical jump
  6. Plank – Get into proper plank position – hands underneath shoulders for the 20 seconds. If you are looking to push yourself – you can complete up-down planks (from forearms to hands and repeat), or alternately lift opposite legs while maintaining a stable body position, or complete shoulder taps – tap the opposite shoulder with the hand.


After this short blast of a workout make sure to cool-down, stretch and drink lots of water! Now you’re ready to enjoy more sunshine.

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