Best Kingston Winter Activities

Most people have been excited about the warm weather that we have experienced this winter. However, if you are like me, you have probably been anxiously awaiting some snow and cold weather for winter activities. The snow and ice bring a wide array of different ways to exercise and get physically active while enjoying the beauty of the season. Now that we have finally got some beautiful snow fall this week, I am sharing some of my favourite winter activities and locations to try them around Kingston. Take advantage of the snowy weather this weekend and get outdoors for one of these fun activities:

  1. Skating – If you are okay with crowds, the best place in Kingston to skate is Market Square. Not only can you do some laps and take in the scenic downtown, but there are several options for some delicious hot chocolate to warm up after a cool skate. On the City of Kingston website there is a camera showing the rink – so if you are looking to avoid crowds be sure to check this out before you go.
  2. Cross-Country Skiing – If you are new to skiing a great place to check out is Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area. If you head to the outdoor centre – you can rent boots, ski’s and poles. If you ask, they will also give you a hand getting started on the hills.
  3. Snowshoeing – Gould Lake and Frontenac Park have some of the best trails in the area – and if lucky you will be able to blaze your own trail. If you are new to the sport, snowshoe rentals are available at Trailhead.
  4. Hiking – At Lemoine Point Conservation Area there are still some beautiful views of the lake, but because of the traffic frequently the trails are already fairly packed down – so no need for snow shoes or skis.

A couple words of advice on winter activities – make sure you layer up. Especially with skiing and snowshoeing, you will get warm. Bring a backpack to put your extra layers into as you get warm, and if you start getting a chill be sure to put the layers back on. Avoid cotton layers – when this gets wet from sweat or snow it will stay wet and keep you cold. I hope you are motivated to enjoy the cold weather and stay active with these fun activities!!

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