7 Yoga Poses for Relaxation

Here are 7 Yoga poses that will help you relax, focus for your day and sleep like a baby.

Child’s Pose– Kneel on a yoga mat and sit back on your heels. Place your head on the floor and rest your chest on your thighs. Rest for 3-5 minutes and take long slow breaths.

Cat and Cow– Begin on all fours as you inhale draw your belly into your spine rounding your back and dropping the crown of your head to the floor. Repeat in the opposite direction. As you exhale drop your belly to the floor and lift your head, looking up at the ceiling. Repeat 8-10 times using your breath the whole time.

Standing forward bend– From standing, exhale forward and bend your knees to place hands on the floor. Let gravity hang you forward. Hold 4-8 breaths then exhale and bend the knees as you lift your body back up. Repeat 3-6 times.

Bridge Pose– Lay on your back and bend your knees. Push your feet into the ground and lift your hips off the ground as you slowly roll up your spine. tack 4 deep long breaths here and then slowly lower on an exhale. Placing one vertebrae at a time back down on the floor.

Head to knee forward bend– Sitting on the floor extend one leg forward and bring the other in to meet your inner thigh. Inhale sitting tall and exhale as you lean forward bringing your head to your knee. Take 3-5 long breaths and repeat 3-5 times before switching sides.

Legs up the wall– Laying on your back, press your hips against the wall and let your legs rest above you on the wall. Close your eyes and stay there for 5-10 minutes. Keep breath long and calm.

Corpse Pose– Laying flat on your back with your palms facing up. Keep your eyes closed and bring your attention to each part of your body starting with the toes. Relax the breath and stay here for 3-10 minutes.

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