5 Ways to build your Confidence

Over Halloween, I noticed a few trends in various people’s costumes. For the most part, young women consistently choose to dress one of two ways; finding a costume to show off in or one to hide in. My interpretation tended to be that the young women with lower self-esteem choose to hide in a blanket of a costume. I believe all women, and men for that matter, should be proud and confident in their own skin and be happy with who they are! So I ‘m going to share five things that I find help me stay confident.


Change your self-talk

A lot of people tend to think negatively about themselves, whether that be about physical appearance, intellectual capabilities, etc. Rather than taking an ‘I can’ approach many people choose an ‘I can’t’ or ‘I won’t’ in an effort to protect themselves in case they fail. CHANGE THIS. Be confident! As soon as you start believing you can – you start achieving things you never thought possible. Those who believe they can’t or won’t – inevitably don’t.


Create several small goals

Create several small goals in different aspects of your life – it can be at work, fitness, nutrition, family life. Make these achievable goals and ones that you can hopefully accomplish within the next couple of weeks. For instance; losing 25 lbs and stopping smoking and drinking are unrealistic small goals (these could be long term goals – but for now I want you to focus on the short-term). Celebrate these small victories, and be proud of yourself for accomplishing them. YOU ARE AWESOME.


Self Evaluate

I want you to try to evaluate the things you do – and determine where your true strengths and weaknesses lie. Get to know yourself a bit better. Evaluate your weaknesses and see what it is you are stumbling on – maybe you can get some help OR accept that it’s not your specialty and be OKAY with it. No one is good at everything – focus on the things you are good at and be happy about it.

Focus on Yourself

As cliché as it may sound – you are the only one who can make you happy and confident. I don’t mean to get absorbed in yourself but be comfortable with who you are. Surround yourself with those who bump you up rather than bring you down.

Learn from Failures

Like I said, inevitably you will not do everything perfectly. If you happen to fail, don’t dwell on it. Move on. You just found one way of not doing it – and you’re getting closer to where you’re trying to get in the process. There’s nothing you can do about what already happened – all you can do is focus on what you’re going to do next.

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